Woman arrested after drinking hand sanitizer

Jennifer Amanda Wilcox 
By: Sarah Weiss 

(Scroll down for video) It is probably not a good idea to drink hand sanitizer but definitely not while driving a vehicle.

A Connecticut woman has learned the hard way not to mix hand sanitizer and roads.

Jennifer Amanda Wilcox, 36, was charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive right after allegedly almost crashing her car against police officers who had arrested another driver, according to a local newspaper.

Police say when she was arrested, one of the officers detected alcohol on her breath. However, after questioning, she denied having anything to drink. However, after Wilcox allegedly failed a field sobriety test by blowing a .17 on the breathalyzer, more than twice the legal limit, officials say she told them she had drank half a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Wilcox said she was sorry for the high consumption of hand sanitizer and her only reason for drinking it was because she saw it there. She told the TV station that she drank half of a large bottle, which, according to emergency physicians, was equivalent to 32 shots of vodka.

She was released on $500 bail. This is just the latest misuse of hand sanitizer that tarnished the reputation of the product. Earlier, six teenagers were treated in emergency rooms in San Fernando Valley with alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer, and at least two homeless people in Albuquerque, New Mexico, died after drinking a mixture of distilled sanitizer and mouthwash.

Woman arrested after chugging hand sanitizer



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