Teenager punches teacher in the face on the street

Teacher gets punched in the face  
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A man was randomly punched in the face by a passing teenager, according to a video uploaded to the internet.

The man was identified as a 50-year-old school teacher from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The teacher was minding his own business when a teenager punched him in the face that knocked him out.

The unprovoked random attack was caught on security camera video. The coated teenager attacked James Addlespurger Thursday afternoon when he was walking down an alley with a group of five other children when he threw a single punch.

The blow knocked Addlespurger the ground causing his head to hit the curb, according to reports. The six teenagers kept walking as if nothing had happened, but the perpetrator turned briefly to look at his victim.

Three good Samaritans stopped to help Addlespurger while lying on the ground, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital with cuts and bruises.

The police have identified three of the six teenagers in the security camera video, but not the one who hit Addlespurger. That teenager definitely went out of his way to hit Addlespurger, Pittsburgh Police Detective Al Flemm said.

Addlespurger said he did not recognize any of the children in the group.
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