Adorable deaf dog knows sign language

Rosie Gibbs taught her deaf dog sign language  
By: Ryan Lee Hall  

(Scroll down for video) Rosie Gibbs, 30, from Scotland, went to the dog shelter to get her first dog. She found one dog named Horus that nobody wanted to adopt.

His owner has brought him to the shelter 18 months earlier because Horus is a deaf dog. Gibbs who knows sign language decided to take on the challenge of teaching him sign language and she was successful.

She used Makaton, a basic form of sign language often used with children. Now five-year-old Horus is a happy healthy pet and has memorized 56 commands including ‘play’ ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘pay attention’, and many other commands. He has even learned the signs for the names of Gibbs and her family.

“People think that deaf dogs are different and stupid and can’t be trained, but my dog Horus is proof that they can. I had spent some time helping deaf children and I had learned a little Makaton, so when I got Horus, I began to use it. “By now the dogs knows 50 signs which allows him to communicate with people,” Gibbs said.

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