Heroic 12-year-old gets burned while saving his grandmother from house fire

Seth Cutright  
By: Debbie Gross 

(Scroll down for video) 12-year-old Seth Cutright suffered second degree burns to his face and hands, after he dragged his grandmother to safety when her home went up in flames at around 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

Seth is an heroic boy whose quick thinking actions saved his grandma Rose Cutright’s life.

Grandma Rose who lives in Vernonia Oregon lit a cigarette in her room near a heater. Unbeknown to her there was propane seeping from the heater in the bedroom causing a big explosion of fire.

"It was like boom, just a flash before the eyes," Seth said. He realized that his grandmother was on fire. He grabbed his grandma and took her out of the house, all the while burning his hands and face.

"I saw my grandma was on fire, not completely on fire, just a little bit. I carried her outside and placed her on the ground. Then I went to the next-door neighbor's house and asked them to call an ambulance," he said.

When firefighters arrived it took them three hours to put out the blaze. The boy and his grandmother were rushed to a burn center in Portland. Rose was in serious condition at the Oregon Burn Center, but is expected to recover. Seth suffered burns to his face and hands, luckily according to his doctor the wounds will heal without scarring.

In the video below you can hear Seth is getting an award for his heroic actions."
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