Judge allows a man to buy his underage daughter sex toys

By: Sarah Weiss

A judge basically allowed a man to buy his minor daughter sex toys, according to court proceedings.

A Pennsylvania accused pervert will not serve jail time for buying his 13-year-old daughter a vibrator, a judge ruled.

"Sex toys are not illegal," defense lawyer, Mark Zearfaus, said after Tuesday's ruling. "It may not be advisable to buy one for a teenager, but it is not a crime." The alleged psychopath was not named in the media to protect the identity of his daughter.

He was also acquitted of charges of delivering sexual material to a minor, endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor and indecent assault, according to the newspaper.

Prosecutors argued that the Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, man watched porn with his daughter, who smoked marijuana leaves, gave her sex toys and tried to force her to give him oral sex during weekend visits with him.

The arguments were based on allegations of the daughter, the newspaper said. The father denied the charges on the stand on Monday, saying that the girl, now 16, had demanded a vibrator and he finally relented after seeing an episode of Oprah with a medical professor advising parents to consider the purchase of equipment for their children.



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