Government official forced to flee after being married to 4 women

By: John Roberts 

A government official was forced to flee his city after the town’s people discovered that he was married to four women at the same time, according to press reports.

A deputy to the Congress of the local population in northern Shanxi province, China, was removed from office after local news reporters reported that he was married to 4 women.

43-year-old Li Junwen, was suspended from his post as deputy to the People's Assembly of Xiaodian District in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, according to a local Chinese newspaper.

The former village chief of Xicuan married his first wife in 1990. The couple had four daughters. In 2003, Junwen became involved with a different woman and they moved in together. The woman gave birth to three girls.

He also had sex with two other women who enriched his family with three more children, a girl and two boys. A local newspaper wrote that Junwen managed to get two of the women and the children onto his household registration as his family. He is also listed as the father of nine children.

It is unclear whether Junwen actually married the three women, but according to Yi Shenghua, a lawyer at the law firm Yingke it does not matter.

"If a man and a woman have been living in the couple's name and if they have children, they are defined as living in current marital status in legal practice," Yi said, noting that Junwen could be charged with bigamy if this is the case.

Police said they are still investigating the case and Junwen has been released on bail. It was also reported that he fled the city.



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