Dog learns to walk a tightrope

Dog learns to walk a tightrope  
By: John Roberts 

Many celebrations have been made for humans who took the challenge to walk on a tightrope over dangerous and steep places.

Now it is time for the animals to try walking the tightrope.

One dog has been learning to walk tightrope to help firefighters deal with disasters in China. “The idea was to train dogs to work in disaster areas where they could find all kinds of obstacles,” the head trainer Wang Xianting said.

As part of their daily training, the Alaskan Malamute walks on two 10 meter long wires in just 60 seconds.

"Do not be afraid. Take it easy," the dog is told by trainers at Chongqing Municipality Fire Fighting Special Mission Base. Below, 10 dogs watch closely as the coach hopes that they will soon be able to go through the same training program.

"Through these challenging training programs, our dog learns to complete the rescue missions in extreme conditions," Xianting said.