Women shop for the man of their dreams at Adopt-A-Guy Boutique

Men in display cases at the Adopt-A-Guy Boutique  
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Imagine walking into a store seeing many guys on display and you can choose one and take him home with you.

That is exactly what you get at the recently opened Adopt-A-Guy Boutique.

A French dating website opened a shop in the heart of Paris, where men stand inside a display box in the store window, while the women look around and read the profiles to find the man of their dreams.

Located in the heart of the main shopping areas of Paris, the ‘Adopt-A-Man’ Boutique opened its doors, promising a shopping experience for high-end women looking for Mr. Right.Eligible bachelors dressed in different costumes pose in mock toy boxes, while a whole row of men are waiting to be taken by the perfect girl. Meanwhile, a crowd of women browse the store to see if they like any of the guys on display as they pose for photos with the men.

The idea comes from the French dating website Men in the shop windows are all signed up to the website and passersby can contact them through the site. The store has a seating area where women can sit down for a drink to talk with the men that might be of interest to her. The women can also meet and chat on the shop floor.

The men in the boxes are all volunteers who chose their own characters and costumes. They dance, they smile and pose for pictures. They change location every hour or so to avoid getting tired or bored. "They are very open-minded and approachable. They take everything as a joke and I think that's how it has to be seen as a bit of fun," Jefferson Stragier said.

One woman shopper Amandine Camporro said: “For once we have a choice and we don't have to put up with the trials and tribulations of seduction, so it's a really great idea. It's different. It proves that the guys can make fun of themselves and the ones who are here have a sense of humor and that's different."

Organizers said, “This setup puts women in charge. Dating is a serious business with 4.7 million people registered on the site and an average of 7,000 men are joining each day.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view



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