Man pays his traffic ticket with 137 piggy shaped dollar bills

Piggy dollars 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) A man was pissed off for getting a traffic ticket so he decided to pay the ticket with 137 piggy shaped dollar bills.

A man carefully folded 137 dollar bills into a piggy shape and delivered them to the municipal court in two boxes of donuts.

Protesting what he says is "a city where the police use red cameras as a money trap," the YouTube user Moose bacon, spent six hours folding the 137 dollar bills into pigs before delivery to his local Municipal Court.

He recorded the entire exchange between himself, the secretary and later a police officer. "Yes, I know the video sucks a bit," said Bacon Moose on his YouTube page, "The phone was in my shirt pocket and I just let it run while I was there, it was a bit difficult to aim."

But the video is not bad, and perfectly captured the fun interaction.

"How will you pay that today?'' The employee asked him.
"Cash" he responded.
He then proceeds to push through the box of Dunkin Donuts filled with piggy dollars through the window.
"What is that?" says the secretary.
"Is the $137," he says.
"I will not take it that way."
"Why not? Bacon Moose questions: "It is legal tender."
"I understand, I understand. But it is folded. I'm not going to sit here and unfold it all," said the secretary.

The conversation continues to go back and forth, and finally bacon Moose says: "I would have paid by credit card, but you charge a processing fee of 5 percent."

The secretary still refused to accept the cash pigs. The clerk of the court seeing that he was not getting anywhere, summoned a police officer at the window who only echoes the sentiments of his colleague.

"But look at the pretty little pigs," said Bacon Moose.

He acknowledges that yes, while the pigs are cute, the court has no way to store pigs. Then, he directed the man and pigs to another counter so that the individual can unfold them. Fun for now, the officer takes a photo. "Pigs in a box of donuts, I have it, I have it," he said.

Moose Bacon duly stands and unfolds all but one of the piggy dollars and hands them back to the clerk. This solitary pig, ''Admiral Atbacon'' he says, is "the only survivor of the pig slaughter."

The secretary at this point can only laugh and take a picture for himself. Then he advised Moose Bacon to be more creative with his time in the future. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view



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