U.S. senator declares he is too angry to work

Senator Tom Coburn  
By: David Ross 

A U.S. senator declared during a speech on the senate floor that he just too angry to continue to work.

Senator Tom Coburn gave some impromptu remarks on the Capitol and commented on the state of politics in the country.

"On Monday morning when I get up, I get up at 4:30 am to catch a flight to return here. And I realized that I have an attitude problem, I will not come over here anymore," Coburn said. "And the reason I will not come over is because we are doing nothing to solve the real problems that are facing our country."

Speaking in the Senate, Coburn said Congress is ignoring the real problems facing the nation. "At the same time, the country is sinking, sinking and sinking," said Coburn. "What it is is a lack of leadership."

Coburn was upset during a debate on an investment of $1 billion to help veterans find jobs. However, the country faces a debt of $16 trillion which Coburn told his fellow legislators are making the problem worse.

"You know you can drive in the wrong direction, know what the problems are and make mistakes and you can be forgiven for that, but when you know what the real problems are and are just ignoring them, that's unforgivable lack of leadership," Coburn said.

The senator's staff said the senator stands by every word he said.



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