Beggar brags to police about making $60,000 a year from panhandling

Shane Speegle  
By: Eva Fett 

A man that was arrested for begging on the street allegedly bragged to police that he earns $60,000 a year from panhandling.

He also told police officers that he had no reason to look for a real job since he already has a great paying job.

According to the police report, an officer saw Shane Speegle, 45, begging near Interstate 40 and MacArthur Boulevard.

When the officer approached and told Speegle that what he was doing is illegal, Speegle asked if he could get a permit for that day which involved a $200 fee.

According to the report, the officer asked Speegle why not just get a job and Speegle said, "I'm lazy, and I made $60,000 last year doing this. Why would I go get a job?"

The officer said Speegle was begging without a permit and an insurance policy and gave him a warning to leave, but 20 minutes later, the officer reported back to see Speegle panhandle in the same place.

Speegle was arrested on a complaint of begging in the street and taken to the Oklahoma County jail. He is looking forward to get back to his nice paying job as soon as he is released.



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