Man successfully escapes from jail then sneaks back inside

Carlos Garcia  
By: David Ross 

A man spent a lot of time trying to escape from prison, and once he did he just sneaked back inside.

If there is a place nobody wants to be, is in jail. But for this prisoner, he returned on his own after escaping.

As reported in the news media, an inmate, Carlos Garcia, for a period of five months used a Popsicle stick and a razor blade to cut the bars of his cell window from where he later escaped.

Once outside though, the prisoner changed his mind and used a sheet to climb back to the cell on the second floor. The prison in Lea County is located on the New Mexico Texas state line.

The detention center has moved Garcia to a room in the maximum security state prison located in Santa Fe, where there is an ongoing investigation.

Officials said that this is the first time a person who has successfully escaped from prison, only to return back to their cell on their own.



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