Dog survives after being poisoned and buried alive

By: Debbie Gross 

A dog survived an evil attack. Someone decided to poison it and then bury it alive, according to reports.

A Jack Russell terrier survived after being poisoned and buried alive, and he can thank the man who saw the ground move.

Ethan came back to life on his third birthday after someone tried to kill him. The dog had a whole chain of saviors: the man who unearthed him, firefighters who rushed him to a vet and nursed him back to life.

Sabrina Zamora, president of an association of animals in Charleville-Mezieres, 200 kilometers or 125 miles northeast of Paris, said Friday the little white dog with a black ear was "flat as a pancake" when it was unearthed from his tomb Tuesday near a footpath along the lake.

"It is extraordinary. We only see this in movies for television," Philippe Michon, a veterinarian, said. "He came alive and unscathed. It's miraculous."
The vet said that when firefighters brought the terrier covered in dirt to his office "he was completely cold, barely breathing."

Michon used hot water bottles to warm the apparently lifeless body of Ethan. The dog was so cold that his veins had collapsed and it was difficult to find one to hydrate him, but within 24 hours, the dog was back on its feet.

According to the vet and Zamora, a man was walking by who just happened to see the movement of the ground, an apparent result of dog poisoning seizures. Then the man took a shovel and dug up the dog. Ethan was identified through a microchip that showed that all of this happened on his third birthday.

His owner said that he had given the dog away but police are investigating, Zamora said.



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