Woman ignites on fire during childbirth at hospital

Hospital delivery room 
By: Sarah Weiss 

A woman ignited on fire during childbirth in a New York hospital, according to reports.

The woman has sued the doctor and the hospital after the incident.

The jury has decided that a Syracuse, New York doctor is not to blame for an accident that made a pregnant woman catch on fire during a cesarean birth delivery.

Kira Reed suffered a burn of 7 inches long by her side two years ago when an alcohol-based antiseptic applied to the skin accidentally ignited by a medical device. The fire was extinguished quickly and the baby was fine, but she sued for the injury.

Reed agreed to an out of court settlement with the hospital, but the jury rejected a negligence claim against obstetrician Stephen Brown.

Brown's lawyer says the jury's decision was appropriate. Surgical fires are rare, but occasionally occur when hot devices touch disinfectant solutions before the alcohol has a chance to evaporate.



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