Taxi driver finds $220,000 in his car

Adam Woldemarim  
By: Debbi Gross 

(Scroll down for video) A taxi driver hit the jackpot when he realized that about $220,000 was left in his car, but he returned it all.

The taxi driver’s honesty shone as bright as the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Adam Woldemarim found nearly a quarter million dollars when cleaning his car and returned it.

A passenger who allegedly forgot his black laptop case filled with $221,510 in winnings from Wynn in Las Vegas. Woldemarim, 42, of Ethiopia, brought the money to the security office of the taxi company.

"That's not my money," he told the news media, explaining why he would not have felt justified keeping the money for himself. He continued to work for about an hour, when he was called back to the office.

A young man contacted the taxi company claiming the money. The man gave Woldemarim a $2,000 reward, reported the local newspaper. Although Woldemarim was happy he did not expect any bonus that night. His friends are not that impressed with what they see as a miserable reward.

"That's all?" asked a fellow driver. "How about 10 percent, at least? That's $20,000!" But another of Woldemarim’s friends, Alex Alebachew believes the decency of Woldemarim alone can help to challenge stereotypes about immigrants.

"A lot of people think foreign taxi drivers abuse tourists or are only here to cause problems and do not belong here," lamented Alebachew. "You never see the good side of us, the honest side."

Interview with Ethiopian Adam Woldemariam who returned $221,510 to the owner - Interview with Ethiopian Taxi Driver Adam Woldemariam who returned $221,510 to the owner

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