Rancher in the U.S. starts feeding his cows candy instead of corn

Cows being fed candy instead of corn 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) Cows in the U.S. are overjoyed after they are being fed candy instead of corn, as a result of skyrocketing corn prices.

Farmers have struggled with sky high corn prices, because the drought has made food too expensive for their livestock. But a rancher has come up with a very sweet solution.

At Mayfield's United Livestock Commoditie, the owner Joseph Watson is adjusting the recipe for success. "Just to be able to survive, we have to seek other sources of nutrition," he said.

1,400 of his cattle are no longer being fed corn. Prices, Watson says, are too high to keep corn on the menu. So earlier this year, we began to buy second hand candy. "There is a higher proportion of fat in the candy than actual straight corn," said Watson. "It's hard to believe it works, but we have seen the great results by now."

Watson mixes the candy with a mixture of ethanol-product and a mineral nutrient. He says that cows have not shown any health problems from eating the sweets, and are gaining weight as they should. "This ration is balanced to not have too much fat in it," he said.

The candy comes from various packaging companies at a discount rate, because it is not suitable for shops. "Salvage is a problem for many of these companies and they are proud to have a place to sell it," said Watson. The cows might need to visit the dentist soon from so much sweets.
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