Angry cow kills farmer before slaughter

Cow illustration 
By: Eva Fett  

An angry cow killed its farmer before it could be slaughtered during a Muslim feast in Gaza, according to reports.

A Gaza health official said that a cow panicked and has killed a Palestinian who was trying to slaughter the cow during the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha.

Muslims around the world slaughter sheep, cows and goats during the four-day holiday to commemorate the sacrifice of their ancestor Abraham. But accidents are common as people often buy and slaughter the animals at home instead of relying on professional butchers.

An Ashraf al-Kidra official said Saturday that another 150 people were hospitalized in Gaza with stab wounds and other injuries caused by animals attacking butchers or passersby.

In Gaza, impoverished families spare some money throughout the year to pay part of a sheep or a cow. Many also distribute meat to the poorest families, giving the celebration a sense of community solidarity.



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