Teenage girl turned herself into a living cartoon character

Anastasiya Shpagina before and after photo  
By: Debbi Gross 

(Scroll down for video) It seems like some girls will do anything to get attention.

19-year-old Anastasiya Shpagina from Ukraine made people turn heads after she transformed herself into a living cartoon character, complete with large eyes, a tiny waist and colored hair.

Shpagina takes style inspiration from the cartoons and computer animations that have a huge following in Japan. In an effort to gain popularity in Japan Shpagina has adopted a Japanese name and calls herself Fukkacumi.

Anime characters usually feature huge eyes and heads that are disproportionately large in comparison to their body. Shpagina who is 5-feet-2 inches tall weighs only 85 pounds in her attempts to resemble a living anime character, and is said to spend 30 minutes painstakingly applying her dramatic make-up to each one of her eyes. It takes her a total of 2 hour to do her whole face.

The shocking new trend that is sweeping across China. Girls have undergone surgery to look like the anime characters of popular Japanese cartoons. The anime characters have very pointy chins and very large eyes.
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