Grandmother, 82, faces one year jail for sweeping up fallen leaves

Barbara Ray  
By: Sarah Weiss 

An old grandmother faces one year jail after sweeping up fallen leaves form her yard, according to reports.

Barbara Ray, 82, was charged with causing a dangerous situation for brushing the fallen leaves into a big pile for municipal sweepers to collect.

She was warned that her simple attempts to keep the neighborhood tidy she could be charged with fly-tipping, punishable by a fine of $75,000 and a jail term of 12 months.

When Ray read the letter, she was surprised to find out that council members had photographed her gardener, who comes every two weeks, sweeping leaves into the street.

The council claimed that her behavior was unacceptable. She said: "It is bureaucracy gone mad. I'm not a person who wants to make a fuss, but it was a shock to read the letter.

When I challenged the district council official and asked him how he knew that I had cleaned the leaves into the street in front of my house, he said he had pictures to prove it.



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