Woman makes solo wedding photo posing as the bride and groom

Liu Fu dressed as the bride and groom  
By: Sarah Weiss 

Liu Fu, 76, always dreamed of having a wedding photo album.

When she got married Fu was very poor and could not afford to pay for a photographer.

"We didn't have much money when we married so my husband Feng and I had a small wedding. But I've always wanted a proper wedding album," Fu said.

Fu thought that her dreams were shattered after her husband died, but now 30 years after her husband died, she was finally able to afford it and her dream became a reality.

A studio in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China took the “wedding photos” where Fu posed as both bride and groom in the photos. She had a hairdressers, makeup artists and wardrobe experts restyling her for her double take.

Fu was dressed as the bride in a beautiful white wedding gown then she was changed into a groom’s outfit. "It was wonderful. The answer to all my dreams. My only regret is that my husband couldn't share it," she said.



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