New edible deodorant promises to sweeten your sweat

Deo perfume candy 
By: Sarah Weiss 

(Scroll down for video) A company is launching a new form of deodorant, according to news media reports.

“Who needs deodorant when you can eat your way to the freshness of flowers?” A company asked.

The new candy seeks to address body odor from the inside out. "Science and nature have come together to make a functional food that leaves the skin with a beautiful rose fragrance," the website for Deo Perfume Candy, currently selling on Amazon in the U.S., said.

The rose flavored candies contain geraniol, an alcohol found in rose oil flavoring evaporates through the skin, according to the manufacturer Beneo Deo, headquartered in Belgium. But scientists are skeptical about Deo odor deodorizing effects.

"I think we probably agree that if you eat food with lots of spices, such as garlic and curry, eventually it will work its way into the sweat and influence the way you smell," George Preti, a chemist at the Monell chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, said. "But no one has shown that."

Preti said: "The wonderful smell of body odor is known to depend on the chemical composition of the secretions from the skin of a person and the type of bacteria that feed on them.”



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