39-year-old woman shows off her massive Hello Kitty collection

Asako Kanda with her collection 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) A 31-year-old woman won the Guinness World Record for the largest display of Hello Kitty items.

Hello Kitty has millions of fans worldwide, but one fan is obsessed with owning every Hello Kitty she can get her hands on.

Hello Kitty items are commonly collected by kids. But this fan kept her collection she started as a kid and over the years it grew into a huge collection of many different Hello Kitty items. It is a bit shocking that a 39-year-old woman is still in love with what she calls the “cute character”.

Asako Kanda is a receptionist in Japan who accumulated an impressive collection of 4,519 Hello Kitty items. Kanda said that she always loved collecting things. At first, she collected small things like pencils and erasers, but when she turned eleven-years-old she made a Hello Kitty mug in pottery class and an embroidered Hello Kitty apron in home-economics class.

She liked the Hello Kitty so much that she started collecting Hello Kitty items whenever she could. Kanda remained faithful to her childhood friend. “Kitty has always been with me, almost subconsciously,” she said. Some people make fun of her for not growing out of it, others say that she is childish, but nothing has affected her long-term love affair with Hello Kitty.

Almost everything in her house is pink. After all she is the world's largest fan of Hello Kitty. Apart from the thousands of stuffed animals that is everywhere, Kanda also has many Hello Kitty posters and hundreds of Kitty-themed gadgets, including a Hello Kitty toaster, a Hello Kitty electric fan and a Hello Kitty frying pan.

Hello Kitty is all over her bedroom including her linen set, pillows, a carpet and curtains. She even has Hello Kitty handkerchiefs. In short, she has almost everything available with Hello Kitty on it. By now, Kanda’s husband keeps her at bay so they do not overspend and overcrowd their home more than she already has. For their wedding, in 2000, Kanda asked her mother to make a stuffed Hello Kitty bride and groom for the centerpiece at her wedding reception.

Knowing her passion for Hello Kitty, many of her friends sent her Hello Kitty themed gifts and cards.
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