Mother bottle feeds her children but breastfeeds her dog

Terri Graham speaks to a magazine  
By: John Roberts 

A mother told a magazine how she proudly breastfeeds her dog while she only bottle feeds her own children, according to reports.

Terri Graham, a mother of two, could not breastfeed her children. However, she is now serving her maternal desires in an unorthodox way by breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughter’s dog, a spider named pug.

In an interview published in a popular British magazine, Graham, 44, said she knows that some people might consider her a freak, but insisted that her breast feeding the dog makes her feel like a better mother.

"Having Spider on my boob suckling means that finally I feel complete and a better mother," Graham told the magazine. Graham, who is from California, said the dog developed a taste for milk after licking the nipple of a bottle she had pumped for her newborn baby at the time. She says she has nursed the
dog for about two years.

An article on Graham with a photo was published in a forum dedicated to the strange and shocking news, where it quickly received more than 2,000 votes and rose to the home page. A psychologist interviewed for the magazine piece suggested Graham to seek therapy, but the strangest incidents involving dogs occurred in the British Isles.

In another strange incident involving a dog, a man in Ireland was charged for violating the bestiality laws of that country after a woman died from an allergic reaction after having intercourse with his German shepherd.



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