Hospital allows 15-year-old girl assist in Cesarean section delivery

Nurses illustration 
By: Debbi Gross 

A woman who recently gave birth is fuming after learning that the hospital allowed a 15-year-old schoolgirl, assist in a Cesarean section delivery of her newborn baby, according to news media reports.

A Swedish hospital has apologized to the woman after the incident was publicized.

The new mother read about the incident in her local newspaper, but could not believe that the story was about her delivery.

According to British news media, the mother did not believe that the wizard that helped her delivery could have been a child, since nobody in the hospital had told her about the incident. The truth was revealed when the surgeon called the parents and said that she had allowed a schoolgirl to help.

The student, 15-years-old, was presented to the new mother as a medical student and actually wielded a scalpel during surgery, which took place at Malmo University Hospital. The girl is a relative of the surgeon.

Officials later admitted that the girl had been allowed to participate in a second birth and had "overshadowed the surgeon during a series of operations."

The mother told the newspaper that she thought the girl "was a medical student practicing patient contact, something that is done at the beginning of their medical training." She added: "This is a teaching hospital, so one must be prepared to deal with students."



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