12-year-old goes to hospital with stomach pains finds out she is pregnant

Cesar Ernest Alcivar  
By: Debbi Gross 

A girl that went to a hospital after experiencing strong stomach pains found out she was pregnant, according to hospital officials and police reports.

A 12-year-old, who had suffered from being raped for a year, went to the hospital and found out she was pregnant. Cesar Ernest Alcivar, 39, was arrested for allegedly raping the girl in Florida and fathering the child.

She reportedly had no idea she was pregnant and had gone to the hospital just to see why she had stomach pains. When doctors performed tests on the Clearwater girl, they soon discovered she was pregnant, according to reports. The name of the girl, and how advanced the pregnancy had been at the time has not been released.

The alleged rape victim identified Alcivar as the man who had been abusing her in the past year, according to police. Police reports indicate that Alcivar faces a charge of capital sexual battery for allegedly having sexual intercourse with the child several times. Public Safety spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts said that hospital staff contacted the Clearwater Police Department after the young woman tested positive for pregnancy.

The capital sexual battery term is applied to two separate offenses containing similar elements, according to the Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers website. State law makes crimes involving anyone over the age of 18 sexually abusing any person 12-years-old or less a capital crime.

It is also a capital offense to damage the sexual organs of the victim during the crime. According to the website of Florida defense attorneys, state law also requires the defendant to be in a position of relative or guardian with custody. The crime apparently can be proven based solely on the testimony of the victim, the external evidence is not required to prove the elements of the offense.



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