Woman uses food stamps for plastic surgery

Brenda Charlestain  
By: Sarah Weiss  

(Scroll down for video) A Florida woman used her government aid to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, according to court proceedings.

A former dancer and paralegal allegedly spent thousands of dollars of federal aid on such trivial activities as plastic surgery, car stereos, and custom paint jobs, according to the British news media, while she was bringing home about 85,000 dollars by performing as an exotic dancer.

28-year-old Brenda Charlestain collect some money through the social assistance program. Her car’s bright pink paint job was made possible by taxpayer money. Charlestain did not report a large part of the money she made during her time as a stripper from extremely generous male customers on her tax returns.

In fact, when she applied for federal aid, Charlestain said she was homeless and jobless. To properly care for her five children, she told the government that she needed a little help. Therefore, she applied for food stamps.

The local newspaper reported that instead of caring for her children, the former stripper spent money on $10,000 worth of plastic surgery, more than $1,000 on a car stereo and a paint job for her car. For spending money that could have been given to someone who really needed the help, Charlestain will spend about a year-and-a-half behind bars for the crime.

The woman was also ordered to pay the $24,000 that she essentially robbed from the state of Florida.

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