Texas school begins tracking student with computer chips

School lockers  
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) A Texas school is now taking away the last bit of privacy from its students as they reportedly began tracking students with computer chips, according to reports.

Two San Antonio schools have begun monitoring students using radio-enabled chips embedded in their ID cards, which allows administrators to know the exact whereabouts of their students at school, whether in class, in the bathroom, on a ladder or AWOL , all while sitting at a computer.

The stated purpose of the so called RFID enabled ID card is simple: since state aid is based on attendance the chips help schools count the children, monitoring attendance. The district also says the technology makes children safer.

However, at the intersection of technology, parents, schools and the rights of privacy, things often cause problems.

Is it a modernization of the school system, or are we teaching children to quietly accept a state of Big Brother? Should parents be happy that teachers can more easily monitor their children, or should they worry that huge databases of detailed location information could someday affect children?

Technology with potential privacy implications are shoehorning their way into schools across the country, creating thorny issues at every step.

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