Grieving mother hears dead son's heartbeat again

April Beaver 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) The mother of a 16-year-old boy was left heartbroken after her son Caleb Beaver of Saucier, Mississippi.

Beaver died after two strokes from a malformation in his circulatory system that doctors believe he was born with. His family decided to donate his organs, which gave a new lease on life for Chuck Shelton from Kentucky.

Shelton is a psychiatrist who has been very sick. His only hope was to get a new heart. Shelton was the recipient of Caleb Beaver’s heart. When Shelton got better he made plans to meet his organ donor’s family and thank them for saving his life.

As Chuck Shelton, his wife, Amy, and two teenage sons met April Beaver, they embrace and then both pulled out their stethoscopes. There was not a dry eye around as she said "That's Caleb" as she listened and sobbed. Shelton said "Yes that's Caleb, he is very strong."

Shelton invited Caleb's whole family to feel and hear his heartbeat. The Lexington psychiatrist wanted to thank them in some small way and help them all heal. Just months ago, he was a very, very sick man.

Caleb Beaver was a big brother and beloved son, a great musician and a Harrison Central soccer player who wanted to be a doctor one day. Now his heart lives on. As well as his other organs which were also donated to people in need.
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