Police bust university students with passing out candy marijuana

Candy marijuana 
By: Shifra Unger 

Police busted university student of passing around candy marijuana, according to police reports.

Police said that students at the University of Buffalo located in Northern New York, were having a special treat of marijuana-flavored candy when they were busted by a Thursday raid.

Alexander J. Zito was at a party for students in a Delaware Avenue apartment when Buffalo police came to discover the marijuana-flavored candy, hard candy containing marijuana, 640 Jolly "Lolly" marijuana lollipops and 5 kilos of regular marijuana, authorities said.

The students were described as extremely high when the raid occurred around 4 pm on the sixth floor at Zito’s apartment in the 600 block of Delaware Ave., where $13,000 in cash was also seized, as narcotics detective Sgt. Timothy Mulhern reported.

Zito, 26, apparently managed to obtain marijuana in California with the excuse that it is for medicinal purposes and then sent it here through the U.S. Postal Service. Medical marijuana is legal under California state law, but that is not the case in New York.

When police searched his apartment, they reported that Zito told them he was a graduate trying to go back to college and get a master's degree, detectives said. "One of the students was so high that we thought he would pass out," Mulhern said.

A poster advertising for Jolly Lolly lollipops by another provider of medical marijuana and other marijuana candy versions described as less-than-detectable using marijuana was found.



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