Grocery 'uncle' arrested for sexually abusing children under 10

Grocery store illustration 
By: David Ross 

A shopkeeper, 32-years-old, in the area of Al Butaina of Sharjah, has been arrested for allegedly molesting children under 10 years.

His "dirty tricks" came to light when an Arab boy, 6, revealed the secret to his mother. Although she mistook his previous complaints thinking she might have misunderstood, when her son began to cry telling her what he was subjected to at the hands of the grocery store man, she went to verify the claims with another child living in the adjacent apartment. That is when she finally called police.

Anjad Police reached the area and found two Arab women screaming at the grocery store owner, while a large number of people gathered around them. Many other parents also complained that the suspect had done the same with their children.
The boy's mother said her son had told her several times about the behavior of the shopkeeper, but she thought it was not true.

She took the matter seriously, when the boy was crying and said the shopkeeper did "bad things" to him. She informed her neighbor, who said that her nine-year-old son had also said something similar, but she did not take him seriously.

Additional kids from the neighborhood said: "He did bad things to all children, who come to buy soft drinks, chocolates or other things." He used to give his victims things they needed for free.

The women went to the grocery store and confronted the suspect. The shop owner later called police, who arrested
and detained him at the Al Heera police station.

Police are interrogating the suspect. All child victims were questioned by police professionals, ensuring that they were not psychologically affected. A top official of the Sharjah Police has urged parents to talk to their children and not ignore their complaints of any kind.

Without the little child's complaint, nobody would have known the abuse of the grocery store man, who was trusted by the local residents. Parents always sent their children to purchase items at the store, they said.



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