Florida asks underage girls sexually explicit questions in exchange for $10

Florida questionnaire 
By: Eva Fett  

Teenage girls in Florida received a sexually explicit questionnaire in the mail from the state, according to press reports.

The state of Florida is asking thousands of young women intimate questions about their sex lives in exchange for a $10 gift card, but some of those who received the survey are offended.

A local Florida newspaper reported today that the Department of Health sent surveys to 4,100 women between the ages of 18 and 24, giving participants a CVS gift card. Officials say the study will help them understand the need for family planning services for women.

The state spent $45,000 for the survey of 46 questions, and 782 have been returned. Participants were asked how many men they had sex with last year, if a man has bored a hole in the condom in order to impregnate them and how they felt emotionally the last time they had unprotected sex.

The second batch questionnaire were not mailed after it was discovered that some of the surveys were sent to children under the age of 18.

"Obviously, we apologized in writing and we are working to ensure that this doesn't happen again, this will never happen again," s State Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong told the newspaper.

He added that participation in the survey is voluntary. "If someone sees something they do not like, they can tear it and throw it away," he said.



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