Woman jailed for life for killing kids to spite husband

Kelli Murphy and her kids 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A woman was sentenced to two life terms in prison after maliciously killing her young kids to spite her husband who wanted a divorce.

Kelli Murphy, 41, was found guilty of smothering her two children to death with a pillow.

Prosecutor Jay Willford said that Murphy killed her children, Liam, 9, Madigan, 6, at her home in Castle Rock, Colorado, in May 2011, after her husband asked for a divorce.

Murphy was adamant on keeping sole custody of the children. In fact, the day that the children were killed, Murphy was due in court to decide on a shared custody agreement.

During the trial the prosecutor said: "She is bent on control she wanted 100 percent custody of her kids and 100 percent of his salary. Its her or way or no way. Eric was about to take that control away and she did not like it.”

Murphy’s lawyer, Ara Ohanian, claimed that his client was a caring and devoted mother who was in an emotional state of confusion. "Her behavior throughout the house reflects her mental state. She was confused and lonely."

He also claimed that she did not remember the incident since she was blacked out on alcohol and pills when she killed her kids. But the jury did not believe that and they found her guilty of murder.

Judge Vincent White sentenced Murphy to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment without parole.

Eric Murphy’s family released a statement after the verdict. “This is a sad day for us. We would have preferred to be celebrating Liam’s 11th birthday today. Although nothing can make up for the loss of Liam and Madigan or fill the void that is left by their absence, we are thankful that this chapter is now over and we look to God to help lighten our hearts.”



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