Court bans parents from seeing their daughter after getting caught spying

Aubrey Ireland 
By: David Ross 

A court banned parents from having contact with their daughter after they were caught spying on her, according to court proceedings.

A college student who accused her parents of harassing her after installing monitoring software on her phone and her computer has won a restraining order against them.

A U.S. judge ordered David and Julie Ireland to stay at least 150 meters away from their daughter Aubrey Ireland and have no contact with her at a court hearing in Ohio.

The musical theater student, who attends a prestigious performing arts college in Cincinnati, sought a protective order after her parents accused her of using drugs, being promiscuous and having mental problems.

The couple admitted to installing software on her laptop and phone to record all numbers called and received. Ireland told the court that her parents regularly drove almost 100 kilometers to school without her being notified and followed her around, slandering her name to her teachers.

"It was very embarrassing and annoying for my parents to come to my school and basically follow me around like I was a dog with a collar," she said.

She finally cut off all contact with her parents and the University hired security guards to keep them out of their property. The university also gave her a full scholarship after her parents stopped paying her tuition.

Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers granted the restraining order, saying that Ireland was an adult and allowed to live her life as she wanted.



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