Man sues former girlfriend for not being able to enjoy her breasts

Patricja Pajak 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

A man is suing his former girlfriend for the amount he spent for her breast implants, since she broke up with him after he finished paying for them.

Molovik Lukasz, who is a traffic police officer wants to be reimbursed for the $8,000 he paid for breast implants of his now former girlfriend.

Patricja Pajak, 24, who is a model, claims that Lukasz pressured her into getting breast implants size 32 DD, “He was obsessed with my boobs,” she said

"I did not want the surgery, but Lukasz kept telling me that he likes big breasts and he told me how big the breasts of his former girlfriend were,” Pajak said.

She also claims that he repeatedly asked her to get bigger breasts, "Because I loved him, I agreed. But then he was more in love with my breasts than me," she added. After getting the implants Pajak broke up with him.

Now, Lukasz, is suing her. He wants his $8,000 back, claiming he is suffering a "loss of use" of the breasts. “To be frank about it, I didn’t spend all that money so some other man can ogle her boobs instead of me,” Lukasz said.