Mistake causes 24-year-old twins to reunite after being separated at birth

Identical twins Bao Lulin and Yang Yanfei  
By: Sarah Weiss 

A young woman knew she was adopted. She was told that her birth mother had abandoned her on the streets of China, when she was a baby.

But she knew nothing about her birth family and she certainly did not know that she was left on the street together with her identical twin sister, who was adopted by another family.

Bao Lulin, 24, was confused when strangers stopped her on the street and call her by another name. Liulin had some uncomfortable encounters by being confused with someone named Yanfei. One time a stranger asked her about her trip to a place she had never visited.

On several occasions people were upset that she did not recognize them. Three years ago, she was approached by four women while working at her family’s fruit stand. The women spoke to her as if they knew her. "Have you just returned from the Fujian province?” They asked. “Why didn’t you inform us?" They demanded.

When Lulin asked who they were, one of them said: “You must be earning big money, and you do not want to us know.” Having once again been confused by the mysterious woman Yanfei, she decided it was time to locate her look-alike. Then she became pregnant and put things on hold. She gave birth to a baby boy.

After a while she decided it was time to look for Yanfei. When another woman mentioned to Lulin that she looked just like the woman’s relative, Lulin asked her for Yanfei’s address. When she met Yang Yanfei she discovered that they were twin sisters. The Chinese sisters met for the first time since birth. "I felt I was looking in the mirror," Yanfei said.

Their looks are not the only similarities. They both got married in 2007 and both husbands have the same name, Bin. They also share the same hobbies, clothing style and taste for food. Bao said: "We feel we've known each other for years and years." They are very happy to share their life with each other.



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