Groom arrested after getting caught speeding to his wedding

Timothy Thompson 
By: David Ross 

A bride was left disappointed and the groom spent his wedding night in jail, after the groom was arrested for speeding to his wedding.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, but it turned into a nightmare for 23-year-old Timothy Thompson.

Thompson was set to walk down the aisle at 7:00 PM but he was running late. At 6:30 PM he was still a long way from the church, so he started speeding. He drove 100 miles per hour in his Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to police.

Thompson, who lives in Portage, Indiana, was desperate to get to his wedding on time and make it to the altar, but he never made it to the wedding that night.

A police officer stopped Thompson for speeding down the main street of the city on Saturday night on his way to the church. Before police arrested him, Thompson, was observed deviating from lane to lane with hazard lights on, avoiding the use of turn signals and driving speeds between 90 and 100 mph.

According to the police report, after he was stopped, Thompson waited for the officer to turn back towards the cruiser for a minute, and allegedly tried to take off and head to his wedding.

His excuse was the he was late for his wedding, but the officer did not care and arrested Thompson.
Thompson missed the wedding and instead went to jail where he is being held without bond for charges of resisting the law, reckless driving and speeding citations.
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