British woman in Dubai arrested after reporting gang rape to police

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By: John Roberts 

A woman found herself arrested after reporting a gang rape to police, according to police reports.

A British woman living in Dubai, who went to the police to report that she was raped by three men was arrested because she had been drinking alcohol, according to British newspaper reports.

The 28-year-old, who was not identified, admitted to police in Dubai that she was drinking in the hours before the attack, and was arrested and fined for unlicensed drunkenness, according to a newspaper.

Strict Islamic laws in the UAE prohibit drinking alcohol without government permission. Two of the alleged attackers who were described as Iranian men are now on trial in Dubai, reported the newspaper. The third man was still at large.
During testimony, the woman said she was kidnapped in a taxi by three men who told the driver they were her friends.

The woman had been drinking at a bar in Dubai and was drunk when she left the taxi at about 3:00 am, the newspaper reported. The men took her to an apartment in Naif, a seedy neighborhood, and took turns raping her, while one of them recorded the attack, she told the court.

"I begged them to let me go, but they did not and they laughed at me," the woman told the court.
"They ignored my pleas and laughed at me, talking to each other in broken English."
The attackers finally fled, leaving her dazed and battered on a mattress.
She took a taxi to her apartment and told her roommate that she was raped.

The 26-year-old roommate went with her to the police, where the alleged victim was arrested for drinking alcohol without a license. The lawyer of the accused, Saeed al Gilani told news reporters that she made up the story and had seen too many movies.

"She has a boyfriend who threw her out of his apartment when he learned that she had a relationship with the accused," he said. "Then she went to the police and claimed she was raped." Two Iranian men have pleaded not guilty to the assault, according to newspaper reports.



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