Police seize Winnie The Pooh computer from 9-year-old

Winnie the Pooh computer 
By: Shifra Unger 

Police raided the home of a 9-year-old girl to confiscate her Winnie The Pooh computer, according to press reports.

The Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Center, or CIAPC, based in Helsinki, followed a downloaded file of a song by European singer Chisu to the home of a family.

After the man of the house refused to pay a fine of $778.20 and sign a nondisclosure form, CIAPC sent police to the door with a search warrant.

The girl's father went to the press after the police left with his ​​daughter's computer, after they found evidence of illegal downloading. The father said that when his daughter's download failed, he ended up buying the CD at a store near where he lives.

He compared the events to extortion after police said: "It would have been easier for everyone if you had paid the large fine."

After news of the raid and seizure of the Winnie the Pooh computer, the pop singer, Chisu, released a comment encouraging her fans to download her music for free, writing: "I hope that the matter will be resolved soon and sorry for my 9-year-old fans."



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