Argentina mom rescues hundreds of female sex slaves

Susana Trimarco (left) shows off her award  
By: Shifra Unger 

An ordinary mother in Argentina, suddenly found herself deeply involved in gangs of organized crime, in search for her kidnapped daughter, according to press reports.

Susana Trimarco was a housewife who fussed over her family and paid little attention to the news until her daughter went to a doctor's appointment and never came back.

After getting help from the police, Trimarco launched her own investigation into the fact that the 23-year-old was kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. Trimarco was soon visiting numerous brothels for clues about her daughter, which led her to seek an additional goal: rescuing sex slaves and help them start a new life.

What began as a one-woman campaign a decade ago became a movement and Trimarco today is a hero to hundreds of women who are rescued from prostitution rings in Argentina.

She has been awarded with the "Women of Courage" award from the U.S. Department of State and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. President Cristina Fernandez gave her a human rights award before hundreds of thousands of people in the Plaza de Mayo.

After years of searching the decadent criminal underground Trimarco did not find her daughter, Maria de los Angeles "Marita" Veron, who was 23 in 2002 when she disappeared from her home town in the province of Tucuman, leaving behind her own 3-year-old daughter Micaela.

"I live for this," the 58-year-old Trimarco told news reporters about her permanent quest. "I have no life, and the truth is, it is very sad. It is a very disappointing life. I would not wish this on anyone."



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