Teen marries her cancer stricken fiance in hospital

Ryan and Lindsay Miller  
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) In an amazing commitment of love, one teen girl married her boyfriend who is suffering from cancer.

When he needed her most she stuck by him and even married him.

Lindsay and Ryan Miller, of Edgarton, Kansas, were married inside the MD Anderson Hospital, where Miller is battling cancer.

The couple met and fell in love. Miller proposed and Lindsay accepted, and like every couple in love they looked forward to a bright future together.

But then tragedy struck when Miller, 28, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. His fiance, Lindsay, who is 19, stuck by him. As his condition became worse the family had to face the possibility that treatments might not work and face the possibility of death.

That’s when Lindsay decided to take the plunge and marry Miller. "Love should never wait. If you love somebody, be with them no matter what it takes and that was what me and Ryan did," newlywed Lindsay Miller said.

In a hospital room, the couple showed a tremendous amount of love and commitment as they married with family members present. The room was decorated by the nurses, who also provided the bridal veil.



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