New technology allows parents to hold their baby before its born

3D model of unborn baby  
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) There are many products on the market to help expectant parents connect with their unborn child.

Now, parents will be able to hold a three-dimensional model of their unborn baby.

Many parents save the black-and-white ultrasounds pictures from their unborn child. Some parents proudly show the ultrasound photos to family members.

Now, a clinic in Japan, is offering a 3D model of the fetus, using 3D printing technology. Japanese inventors have invented a way to transform a normal ultrasound into a resin replica.

The 3.6 inches of white resin model fetus, is enclosed in a transparent block in the form of the mother’s pregnant body, it is formed by a 3D printer after an MRI is done.

The machines work in a similar way to an inkjet printer, but instead of ink they deposit layers of material on top of each other, gradually building up the product they are making.

The resolution of the image isn't perfect but the clinics claims that many expectant parents are thrilled by the idea. The price for the model is about $1,200. The MRI cost is not included in the price. They also offer parents a miniature version of the model as a keychain.



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