Deer attacks two people and steals cigarettes

Cole Kellis and Joseph Rose with their pickup truck  
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) Everyone heard of the smoking monkey but now there is a smoking deer on the loose.

Cole Kellis and Joseph Rose of Whitehouse, Texas, learned of this danger on Friday when they encountered a young deer in their front yard, according a local TV station.

The deer seemed friendly at first, so Rose approached it. It turned out to be a big mistake, as the deer was not in the mood at all and began attacking. The men ran to their pickup truck hoping to escape from the wild deer, but Rose got hit in the ribs by the attacking deer, forcing Rose to jump into the back of the truck for safety.

Rose was safe, but his cigarettes were not. "The deer went into the front of the truck, put his front paws on my seat took my pack of cigarettes
and started chewing on them," Rose told the TV station.

When the deer became even more aggressive, Rose and Kellis called the police and the Game Warden for help. Even with the use of a stun gun, it took five men to hold down the angry deer.

Smith County Game Warden Dustin Dockery suggested that the incident could have been avoided.
"Admire deer from a distance, but do not get close to them, because they can be dangerous," he told the local TV station.



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