Man accidentally donates wife’s shoes with money stuffed inside

Money in shoe 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) A woman stashed money away and never told her husband about her hiding place.

The Texas woman put her life savings into her strange hiding place, her shoe.
The woman who asked to stay anonymous asked her husband to take some things to the local Goodwill. The man took the clothing along with a pair of shoes without realizing that his wife had stuck their whole life savings in one of the shoes.

While an employee at the goodwill was arranging the donated items on the shelves the employee saw something in the shoe. The worker took it out and found a big stack of $100 bills. The roll of cash amounted to $3,300.

The employee alerted the manager at the Goodwill store Richard Lopez,who set the money aside for seven days to see if anyone claims the money. After realizing that her husband gave away her shoe that held the money, the woman went to the Goodwill hoping to get her money back.

After giving a description of the shoe and the amount of money she had, the Goodwill handed the money back to her.
"She was so grateful to get the money back, she was crying," Clarence Cope, a store clerk who was present when the woman came to collect the cash, said.
"We were so pleased that we were able to return the money to the right person," Cope said.

Many people were impressed by the good hearted Goodwill worker who returned the money. “It makes me want to donate to Goodwill even more,” one woman said. “There are still good people in the world,” an elderly man said.



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