Woman calls police on stalking pigeon

By: Debbi Gross 

A woman called police to report a stalker who was on her front lawn.

A police dispatcher took the call seriously and was about to send help to protect the woman from her stalker, but while questioning the woman if she knew the man who was stalking her, the woman explained that it was not a man that was stalking her but rather a pigeon.

The woman in western Germany, felt that the bird was stalking her by hanging around her property. The woman complained that the blue-gray bird had been at her house for the past three weeks.
The woman also said that every time she opened her door, the pigeon flew into her house.

She attempted to persuade the pigeon to leave but she was unsuccessful in getting rid of it. Her grandson tried getting rid of it by spraying the bird with his water gun. After that did not work she called the police.

Offices were unable to help her get rid of her stalker, instead they recommended she call animal control for advice.



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