Woman finds note pads instead of iPad in box bought at Walmart

Note pads in iPad box  
By: Debbi Gross 

A woman thought she bought an iPad at Walmart, until she opened the box, according to police reports.

A Virginia couple allegedly bought an iPad from Walmart only to find the box was filled with note pads.

According to a local television station, Mary Liz Bergstein of Midlothian said she was "through the wringer" after making the discovery and notified authorities.

When she opened the box in the morning, Bergstein said she found several yellow note pads stacked on top of each other. The note pad on the bottom was stuck at the bottom of the box.Bergstein said that police were called and a report was filed with her ​​husband Jonathan who tried to return it to Walmart the next day.

"When we brought it back to Walmart at 7:00 am, they said the loss prevention department would take care of it. We waited all day and nobody called back," Jonathan Bergstein told the television station. Bergstein said that Mary Liz contacted the station after "dealing with Walmart for two days."

On Thursday, the television station contacted Walmart customer service department online. About 15 minutes after the presentation of research, Walmart reportedly got in contact with the couple.

A Walmart employee told them, "Come down and bring your receipt. We have a new iPad for you.”
The couple said they received a higher-end iPad in exchange for their problems, but remain concerned that others might be dealing with the same frustration.

The same thing happened at least three times in two other states, including two incidents in Michigan and one in Texas.



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