Woman sues Planned Parenthood after failed abortion

Planned Parenthood  
By: Shifra Unger 

A woman attempted to get an abortion through the now scandalous Planned Parenthood organization, however, the abortion failed and she gave birth to a healthy baby, according to press reports in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Boston woman is now suing Planned Parenthood and two doctors for the botched abortion.

45-year-old Jennifer Raper wants them to pay the cost of raising her child.

The medical malpractice lawsuit claims that Raper discovered she was pregnant and for financial reasons, decided to have an abortion.

She said a doctor at Planned Parenthood who performed the procedure did not do so adequately, with the result that she was still pregnant. The lawsuit said a doctor at Boston Medical Center failed to detect the pregnancy, although by then she was 20 weeks pregnant.

It was not until late in her pregnancy that she learned she was pregnant when she went to an emergency room for treatment of pelvic pain. she gave birth to a girl.



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