Two elderly women arrested after beating up a 33-year-old woman

Mary Wannamaker and Myrtle Smith  
By: Debbi Gross 

(Scroll down for video) Two elderly women were arrested and charged with assault after beating up a woman who asked for a little privacy at the checkout counter, according to police reports in south Carolina.

Deputies said two women are accused of attacking a customer at a Li'l Cricket store in Pacolet, South Carolina, when she asked them to give her some space, while checking out.

According to Spartanburg County deputies, it was because the victim asked the women to give her some space while she was entering the PIN code for her debit card at the checkout register.
"All I wanted was a little privacy. I did not know I was going to take a beating for that," the victim, Amanda Parker, said.

On Monday afternoon Parker stopped at the Li'l Cricket located on Pine Street in Pacolet, unaware that she'd need to be taken to the hospital by the time she was done shopping. "The line was long. I stopped and waited for the two women who had been there the entire time," Parker said.

Deputies said the two women had bought lottery tickets and stood at the counter while other customers, including Parker, got helped before them.
"I said, 'you give me some privacy. I'm getting ready to use my debit card,'" Parker said. "They were very hateful and said 'Well, we do not need your money.'"

Investigators identified the two women as 80-year-old, Mary Wannamaker and 63-year-old Myrtle Smith.
"I tried to be respectful, they were older women," Parker said. "They continued with their mouthing and as I was walking out the door, one woman spit on me."

The sheriff's office said that's when the situation got worse. "At that time the victim turned around, with her open hand, struck one of the suspects in the face and then the assault escalated," Lt. Tony Ivey with the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, said.

According to witnesses, the fight moved outside, where the two suspects began hitting the victim in the head with gallon jugs of windshield washer fluid.

"They were bigger than me. I had previous surgery so I could not defend myself," Parker said.
Finally, two construction workers on the street saw the fight and intervened.

"The women could easily have killed this woman," Ivey said. "If those two construction workers had not intervened based on their statements, she could have been seriously injured."

But Parker said that seemed to be their intention. "They threatened to shoot me in the head if they had a gun," Parker said.
Based on witness statements and camera store images, Wannamaker and Smith will be charged with second-degree assault and battery, deputies said.



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