15-year-old bride locks out 90-year-old groom from the bedroom

Saudi women  
By: John Roberts 

A young bride locked out her elderly groom from the bedroom for several days following their marriage and then fled to her parents’ home, according to press reports in Saudi Arabia.

While it is not unusual for an older man to marry a younger woman in Saudi culture, the recent marriage of a Saudi man, who is 90-years-old, to a girl, who is 15-years-old, is raising human rights issues.

In an interview with a Saudi Arabian television station, the old groom said that his marriage was "legal and proper" and noted that he paid the parents of the girl $17,500.

But the man told the television station about what went down during their first night together. He complained that his new wife slammed shut their bedroom door. Family friends said the teen was scared on her wedding night and locked herself in the bedroom for two consecutive days before fleeing to her parents' house.

The groom said he would sue the parents of the girl, if they do not return the $17,500 or send his wife back to him.
The Saudi National Association for Human Rights urged the authorities to investigate the incident, according to a Saudi Arabian newspaper.

A spokesperson for The Saudi National Association for Human Rights said that marriage in Islam must be based on mutual consent and the child's behavior indicates that she was not satisfied with the agreement.

The parents of the teenager, a Saudi mother and a Yemeni father, should also be held responsible for doing this to their young daughter, the spokesperson said.



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