19-year-old rotten meat found on supermarket shelves

Rotten meat illustration  
By: Debbi Gross  

19-year-old rotten meat was found lying on a supermarket shelf that could have poisoned anyone who ate it, according to press reports in Sweden.

The meat was canned in 1993, and has been relabeled and resold in Swedish shops despite being rotten and lacking in nutritional value, according to a report in a local newspaper on Wednesday.

"By eating this meat, consumers run the risk of being poisoned," was the verdict of Polish scientists after testing a lot of the meat that came to Poland a few years ago.

A local newspaper had revealed that the canned 1990s meat was being relabelled and sold to restaurants in Poland. The meat, which had been part of the emergency reserve of Sweden, had been produced by the Swedish company in 1993.

In 2000, the National Board of Agriculture tried to sell the stock, but it was difficult and the cans ended up in a warehouse for nine years before they could find a buyer.

However, in 2009 a trader bought about 1,000 tons of canned beef and 500 tons of ground beef from the agency. The sell by date had been changed to 2013 on every can.

According to the meat company, the product must be consumed within ten years of being canned.
When the meat was tested in Poland in 2009, the scientists said it was rotting and that eating it would mean a risk of falling ill with food poisoning.



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