Texas waiter gets $5,000 tip to buy himself a new car

Restaurant waiter Rubar Greg 
By: Shifra Unger 

Rubar Greg, 42, waited tables for D'Amico's Italian Market Cafe in Houston for 16 years. However, his car was flooded a couple of weeks ago by thunderstorms. Since then, he had been taking taxis to and from work and borrowed the truck of the kitchen from the restaurant owners.

On Saturday, a couple, who has been coming to the restaurant for the past eight years, gave him a handful of cash to help solve his problems with the car.
"They said, 'were not going to be giving a tip for a while. Take this money. Go buy a car,'" Rubar said.

"Nobody gives me anything," Rubar, who hesitated to take the money, said. "They just wanted to help me. They're good people," he said.

The couple wishes to remain anonymous.

Rubar's mother, Annetta Rubar, said her son is a "worker" in the popular restaurant.
She said her "shy" son has been flooded by recent media attention because of the donation.
"It's kind of a shame because everyone came to talk to him," she said.

Nash D'Amico, the restaurant owner, said Rubar tried to return the money, but "they would not hear of it," it was reported.
The money is technically a gift, not a tip, because it was not attached to a bill.

"Next time I see them, I want to offer the return of the money," Rubar said. "For me, it was not a gift it was a loan," he said.
"If the couple refuses to take the money back," Rubar said, "I'm going to get the best car I can get for the $5,000."



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